Looking for a solution to send your kids back to school in a hybrid or virtual setting?

Our Remote Learning Pod is the PERFECT solution for parents worried about sending their kids back to school.

We offer a safe and productive alternative with daily assistance & small program sizes!

What makes our program unique?

That’s a great question! Here’s a quick summary of what we do:

What will a typical day at our Remote Learning Pod be like for my child?

While we won’t know exactly until we get a completed daily itinerary from our local school districts … here’s an estimated example. Please keep in mind that we’ll be making adjustments to the schedule as we learn exactly what to expect from our digital teachers.

We’ll be hosting the Remote Learning services but you’ll have lots of questions!

Luckily, we have answers! As part of our program registration, you’ll be invited to join our closed Facebook Group where we’ll cover drop-off & pick-up procedures, cleaning & sanitation policies, as well as commonly asked questions.

Plus, enjoy consistent communication with our professional staff while staying connected with other parents throughout the school day!

A quick tour of our individual learning pods:


Students MUST be entering grades 3 through 8 and registered for online/digital learning through their local school district in order to participate.


Each student will be provided with their own work station and assisted in connecting their personal devices to our closed network.


Each student will be provided with their own bin to store their supplies which will stay with them throughout the day.


Students will be assisted in managing their virtual schedules and benefit from the assistance of a certified educator.


8:00 am – 2:45 pm

Our Remote Learning Pod hours will closely mirror the hours of our local school districts in order to allow consistent routines for our parents and students!

Group ‘A’
Monday, Tuesday, every other Friday

Group ‘B’
Wednesday, Thursday, every other Friday


$199 deposit per child is required to reserve your spot and is later discounted from your remaining balance.
*Financing options are available*


How long will you be offering the Remote Learning Pod?

Currently, we will be offering program services through Friday, December 18, 2020 as a commitment to follow along with our local school districts policies for distanced learning. If this date is extended or modified we will adjust accordingly to continue to offer this service.

How many students will you be accepting into the program?

Our Remote Learning Pod will only be offered to 10 students daily. Due to limited availability, families wanting to participate will be encouraged to register early. Participants will be accepted on a first come, first serve basis.

What about school holidays?

We are currently planning to be closed on school holidays, as there will be no remote services offered by the schools on those days.

Can I drop out of the program at any time?

We are dedicated to providing an exceptional experience to all the families we service. As a result, if our program is not meeting your expectations please let us know and we will work with you to ensure you are completely satisfied. However, you are making a financial commitment to the duration of the program. This allows us to ensure we are able to continue to offer this service to all the families and meet our commitments to our hardworking staff.

What if schools are forced to close again?

We plan to continue to offer our services for as long as remote services are provided by our school districts unless we are required to be shut down by the state or federal government.

Why is there a reservation fee for the Remote Learning Pod?

Due to the added cost to offer this limited program, we are requiring a reservation fee of $199 per child. This deposit, which will be subtracted from the total cost of the program, helps to cover the cost of supplies needed to run the program.

Who will be watching over my child and assisting them with digital learning each day?

Mr. Fisher will be their primary assistant, along with other staff Glens Falls Karate Academy staff helping on a regular basis. Mr. Fisher holds two masters degrees in education and is a NYS certified teacher. He is currently working virtually for VIPKIDS teaching English to students in China. In his spare time, you’ll find him officiating boys basketball games, volunteering at Northshore Animal League and spending time with his family in Glens Falls, NY.

What will my child need to bring with them to camp each day?

They will need everything they normally bring to school including 2 snacks, lunch and a refillable water bottle.

What will my child need to bring with them to camp each day?

They will need everything they normally bring to school including 2 snacks, lunch and a refillable water bottle.

Does my child need to be a martial arts student to participate in the digital learning camp?

No! Any child is welcome to participate and no martial arts experience is needed!

Will other people be allowed into the facility while my child is in camp?

YES. While we will be limiting and reducing the number of people in our facility, there will be times when other students and staff may be coming into our Academy. Additionally, we have limited the numbers of after school students that we’re accepting this year to limit exposure and ensure we keep everyone healthy and safe!

Are you going to be requiring temperature checks and hand washing upon arrival of the camp students?

YES! Before entering our building campers and staff will be required to wash their hands and have their temperature checked each day.

Will drop-off and pick-up procedures change from previous years?

YES. Due to state regulations for COVID-19 all parents will be asked to stay outside during pick-up each day. We’ll have a designated pick-up line for parents in order to help facilitate safe pick-up of your child each day.

Will parents be allowed into the facility during camp?

To limit exposure to COVID-19, state regulations ask that parents only enter into the facility when absolutely necessary. As a result, we’ll update you throughout the day with pictures of your child, activity schedules and messages through our closed Facebook Group! Additionally, we check-in and check-out each child and greet you at the front door!

Will campers, students, or staff be required to wear a mask?

Students and staff are asked to wear a mask while at Glens Falls Karate Academy until state or federal regulations change.

What social distancing measures will you have in place?

When possible, we’ll use common-sense practices and space children apart during activity times. during physical activity, students will remain within six foot training squares and activities will be limited to reduce personal contact. During digital learning and lunch times, all desks will remain 6 feet apart.

Will students be allowed to use the water fountain?

No. We’ll encourage students to bring water bottles to reduce touch points in the facility and staff will assist children with refilling water bottles.

Can we come in and tour your martial arts facility?

Unfortunately, due to COVID-19 we are not currently offering walk-in tours. Instead we’ve put together the video below to highlight our facility:


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