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Leadership Academy | TAKING INITIATIVE

Being a leader means being in charge of yourself without relying on others to tell you what to do. For example, when you are at home if you complain to your parents that you are bored, then you are not taking initiative for your own fun. You are responsible for your own fun when at home. At school, you are responsible for your assignments and learning the lessons taught in each class. At the Martial Arts school, you are responsible for coming to all of your classes prepared and on time. As a Leadership Team member, you are responsible for making your leadership time count.

Leaders that know how to take initiative in all areas of life accomplish more. They are in control of their own destiny and do not rely on others to show them the way. They take their talents and multiply them, ever increasing their involvement in life. That is the real value and benefit of being a Leadership Team member. YOU are in a unique position to use your role as a leader to become the best human being possible.