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Rank Promotions

Rank evaluations are held on a trimester schedule during the months of April, August, and December.
Evaluations for all kyu grade students is held in class following our regular schedule.

There is no need to register for a rank evaluation, but please complete a report card/survey anyway!

Even if you are not up for a promotion, this information is what we use to make your training experience personal, and is very important to your instructors. While it seems like a simple administrative task, it’s actually a critical step in keeping your goals aligned with your training, helping us track your progress and set new goals in the coming months.

Use the links below to select and complete the appropriate report card or rank survey for your age/program.

Please do not pay for a rank promotion that you/your student have not yet been nominated for.

Lil’ Dragon Report Card

Little Ninjas Report Card

Ages 8-10 | Intent to Promote Survey

Ages 10-14 | Intent to Promote Survey

Adult Ranks | Intent to Promote Survey