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Lil’ Dragons | Preschool Martial Arts Waiting Lobby
Meeting ID 518-636-5442
Password GFKarate

Quick tips for a great experience

  1. Turn off all distractions. We want to make sure that you're able to focus without any interruptions.
  2. Find a dedicated space for class. If you can, make sure to clear at least a few feet around you so you can move freely and follow along without any limitations
  3. Please wear your uniform. Although we aren't physically in our school, wearing your uniform puts you in the right mindset to focus on martial arts
  4. Most importantly, have fun! Whether it's you or your child training, our classes are here to provide you with a great experience

As you all know, we took steps responding to the risk of Covid-19. We remain committed to those procedures. We are also offering Live Streaming. This will be an option until we notify you otherwise.

If you and your student utilize Live Streaming bear in mind we don't control your home environment (e.g. flooring, furniture placement or any other hazards). We also will not have the same visual access to your student.

By participating in Live Streaming classes, you and your student acknowledge these additional hazards. The waiver of liability you have signed will apply to all training hazards including all additional hazards that may or may not be listed above.